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Bespoke leadership development solutions for a rapidly changing world

Business challenges have never been greater

Global Coaching Delivered®, is an organization which was founded and is led by experienced Senior Executives whose exclusive focus is on helping todays leaders on their journey towards sustainable personal growth and organizational success.

The speed, extent, and pace of change in business have never been greater, nor have the challenges, expectations and pressures placed on our business leaders. In a world of few certainties, it is clear that leaders will continue to be challenged. Culturally smart, respectful, nimble, focused and well led organizations, will thrive at the cost of less well-prepared competitors.

There is no better time to invest in your organization’s success and partner with our world class team at Global Coaching Delivered®. We will support your leadership team to be the best version of themselves, helping them to embrace the behaviors that have so far positively differentiated them as well as developing new behaviors for the future.

At Global Coaching Delivered®, we bring:

  • Fully qualified coaches, all who have previously held Senior Commercial roles.
  • Specialists in the seamless delivery of Global Executive Programs, digitally as well as in-person.
  • Local language, certified, and approved Coaches in every major market.
  • Proven to deliver value in all types of organizations, from start-ups to Global Conglomerates.
  • Our strong academic alliances make us a learning organization that bring into practice the best coaching developments from across the world.

    How we help

    Our coaches - as well as being certified - differentiate themselves in that they have lived it and done it. This enables them through our goal orientated, focused and motivational coaching process to bring measurable change in following areas:

    • Executive Leadership

      Create, develop, and support powerful and inspirational leaders who can confidently make the right decisions to ensure your organization’s success.

    • Performance Enhancement

      Structure, align, build, and mentor self-organizing highly productive winning teams across the world. Our proven methods often turn initially perceived weaknesses, into positive points of differentiation. We are passionate about delivering great leaders that are ready to perform at the very highest levels.

    • Corporate Culture Alignment

      Develop organizations whose values, beliefs and actions are best in class, productive, and globally consistent. Create diverse and inclusive cross-cultural environments where employees feel heard, seen, and safe to be themselves.

    • Organizational Change Management

      Define successful outcomes and create awareness of the organizational changes required to achieve these goals. Providing additional perspectives, resource management as well as executive support during times of transition.

    • Innovative Strategic Planning

      Coaching as an investment only makes sense if it improves the performance of the company as well as the individual. Our coaches are equipped to facilitate programs designed to develop new methods of collaborating and organizational learning. The emphasis is placed on the generation of ideas for improvement across the organization resulting in a strategic plan that supports necessary change coupled with the necessary leadership required for deployment, diffusion, and sustainability.

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    Simultaneous delivery on a global or regional scale

    • The program facilitates the simultaneous delivery of coaching programs on a global or regional scale
    • It ensures consistency of message and approach across multiple regions respecting local nuances
    • It guarantees the highest standards of program delivery across territories
    • Supports consolidated status reporting and local feedback on program

      People First

      People First

      We partner with organisations whose culture truly values the people within them and who are committed to creating great places to work.



      We take an energetic, collaborative and innovative approach to our assignments, respecting confidentiality and boundaries, while challenging for better outcomes.



      All our coaches are fully qualified and experienced executives which enables them to deliver positive and sustained change that delivers to the bottom line.



      In a dynamic academic landscape, we share with our partners the freshest and most recent thinking on coaching and mentoring from around the world.

      Our Team

      Our team of coaches have actually “done it” themselves and have subsequently become coaches. This is part of our brand and it is something that differentiates us.

        David Bishop

        David Bishop is a visionary and successful leader who has served as President of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment, two leading multi-billion-dollar global media companies and is compassionately committed to accelerating individual, team and organizational performance. With nearly four decades of experience training emerging and experienced businesspeople, David turns obstacles into opportunities and fosters success.

        A fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Coaching, David is considered a thought leader in C-suite growth strategies. David served as the Chair for Columbia University’s initiative to have neuroscience at the foundation of their executive and organizational development program. He also had a key role in Stanford University’s Positive Coaching Alliance and is a current board member and former chair of the Los Angeles Food Bank.

        Aodán Coburn

        Aodán is a vastly experienced and respected Executive whose previous roles have included President Algomus International, EVP International Sony Entertainment, UK and Irish Managing Director Sony Pictures Entertainment and EVP of Worldwide Operations, Sony Studios. He has operated at company board level and industry level, often consulting for government about the changing media landscape and its potential impact.

        Aodán is an innovative thinker with a proven record of delivering exceptional growth through a "Coaching Manager" approach. Results driven, he has a strong relationship management aptitude which aligns with his exceptional organisational and leadership understanding resulting in a proven ability to challenge the status quo along with the envisioning and delivery of new business models.

        Miguel Geli

        Miguel is a solution driven executive with a track record in the management of technology initiatives from feasibility to implementation, a communicator able to create conscensus among disparate groups, a practical problem-solver tailoring required processes and methodologies to the unique conditions of each situation.

        Miguel's prior roles have included Chief Operating Officer at Algo AI, Managing Director of Sony Retail Services, Managing Director Retail Operations at Sony DADC, Division CIO at Sony Entertainment

        Coaching has always been core to Miguel's management style both as coach and as coachee.