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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching unlocks the potential to maximise performance and organisational contribution and closes the gap between overall ability and current state. In a sense, it helps create a better and more fully functioning version of the client.

The coach will facilitate the coachee’s learning development, well-being, and performance. The coaching sessions will be geared to raise self-awareness, identify alternative choices, and enable the coachee to find his/her own solutions, develop his/her own skills and change, as appropriate, attitudes and resulting behaviours.

Our coaching sessions are focused around driving transformational change while providing challenge and support.

Our approach

After an appropriately experienced coach is identified, initial contact is made to determine coaching compatibility. Subsequently, current challenges are identified, and a desired, measurable result or solution is identified for the engagement.

The commercial context, assumptions, beliefs, and experiences that underline current behaviours are clarified. Where appropriate, key stakeholders are identified, and their input is solicited where appropriate.

A greater awareness and understanding of current perspectives are developed and capture what needs to change or developed. This will be the basis for an action plan with commitments on timing and agreed outputs.

The plan is actioned, and course corrected as more data becomes available.

The goal is to change the subconscious foundational mindset of the client in a sustainable way. This will ultimately translate into improved results that are sustainable and maintained overtime.

The program structure

According to the needs of the coachee, coaching sessions are scheduled, generally 60 minutes, according to a specific schedule for a specific period of time or indefinitely.

If required, interviews may be conducted with stakeholders, to create a virtual 360 and provide high level feedback to the client. Interviews are generally scheduled for 30 minutes.

The program is delivered by Zoom unless otherwise desired and agreed.

All work is done under the most up to date EMCC code of conduct.

How to get the most out of the program

Successful coaching requires a partnership between coachee and coach. To ensure that the program has the best chance of success, GCD expect the coachee to commit to the following:

  1. Show up to session on time and in focus: being on time is an indication of commitment and helps to maximise the coachee’s experience and ensures integrity around the process. Integrity means keeping agreements with yourself and others – a basic requirement not just related to coaching, but in life. In focus means not allowing distractions such as email, texting, etc.
  2. Honesty: the coachee is committed not to distort facts or leaving out critical pieces of information, ultimately sabotaging him/herself and limiting the coach’s ability to help.
  3. Be coachable: the coachee allows him/herself to be open and vulnerable, willing to consider ideas and actions proposed to him/her and willing to do what he/she committed to do.
  4. Be kind to yourself: the coachee is willing to forgive him/herself which will make him/her more willing to either try again or try something new.
  5. Be non-judgmental: judgment is a strong and negative feeling that interferes with the ability to be reasonable and objective and thus hampers successful coaching.
  6. Be committed: the coachee’s commitment to doing whatever it takes to reach his/her goals and the ability to stretch beyond his/her comfort zone all determine how successful the program will be.