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Aodan Coburn 11.10.2022

Our commercial interactions are continuously punctuated by "endings". It could be the completion of a project, an organisational restructuring, or someone retiring or exiting the business. Endings happen all the time for various different reasons.

Curiosity in the workplace

Miguel Geli 05.10.2022

Even though leaders generally say that they appreciate the benefits of curiosity in the workplace, research conducted by the Harvard Business School reveals that out of 3000 employees in a wide range of industries, only 24% reported feeling curious in their jobs on a regular basis,

Laugh more and lead better

Miguel Geli 20.09.2022

Recently I read an article on the above subject, where Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty members Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas talked about their book, Humor, Seriously: Why Humor is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life

How to build a great leader

David Bishop 10.09.2022

As an executive coach, I am focused on developing leaders and their teams, bringing them to their highest productivity levels. To do that, I need to see results.

Keep something of yourself for yourself!

Aodan Coburn 02.09.2022

Some years back, as a busy executive, managing business across multiple markets it is fair to say that I had a somewhat singular focus on my role and ensuring the organization’s success.

I recall a conversation with my deputy, an eminently qualified executive, whom I admired greatly.

She observed that she had never met anyone who had put so much of himself into his job.

Initially, I took this as a compliment, but over time I’ve come to realise that it may well have been an early warning, that I did not at the time, have the wisdom to heed.

Now as a coach, I counsel executives to not confuse doing their very best with letting their role overcome all aspects of their life and that they are ultimately of more benefit to their organisation by keeping a safe mental distance from the task at hand.

Often these matters are more easily acknowledged than rectified.

Working with a coach who has been there, is I believe a great starting point.



The Value of Contracting

Miguel Geli 19.07.2022

Too often, we just dive into things and figure them out along the way. However, contracting, be it in the form of a short discussion, a formal meeting, or any other deliberate communication that leads to a mutually agreed approach to achieve a joint objective, adds significant value:

Leading through Uncertainty

David Bishop 06.07.2022

Last week I had the honor to give a talk to a group of 80 young leaders at a private home in New York City. Organized by the dynamic Jessica Wolf, Co-Founder of Skye, we discussed the topic of Leading Through Uncertainty.

Everything comes at a price...

Miguel Geli 20.06.2022

When it comes to making choices that affect us, whether it is in business or our personal life, along with the promise of a better future, comes a cost.  To ensure we make the right decision, it is important to calculate the cost of that decision.

Don't Defer Your Happiness

Aodan Coburn 17.06.2022

As an Executive Coach, one of the subjects that often comes up is what I call the Deferral of Happiness.

This is where someone tolerates a difficult situation on the basis, that at some point things will change for the better ...

Realizing your potential leads to fulfillment

Miguel Geli 05.05.2022

Coaching our clients, we focus on potential rather than deficiencies. Realizing potential is all about unrealized ability and as such, bringing the courage, determination, willpower, mental strength, and hard work to do something you really want to pursue, something that brings you fulfillment.

From Founder to CEO - A Case Study

David Bishop 28.04.2022

“John* is building an AI construction startup, that’s growing rapidly and impressively. He’s looking to level up his personal skills and build a long-term culture for the company” read the email introduction from a venture capital colleague in March of 2018.

The Pain Of Rapid Growth

David Bishop 16.02.2022

With many of the emerging companies I deal with, excitement flows through the organization when things start to click. The product launches, the series A round is successful, customer deals are closing. Yet, if you scratch the surface anxiety rises. 

Leadership Skills I Learned As A Little League Coach That Apply To Business

David Bishop 19.08.2021

It takes a mastery approach to the sport rather than a scoreboard orientation to teach athletes to put forward maximum effort so that they can continuously learn, improve, and not let themselves be stopped by mistakes or fear of making mistakes.